2015 Animal Welfare Lessons

In May 2015, veterinary nurse and consultant Carol McBeth came to Hydra to give presentations about animal welfare to Hydra’s school children. Maria Karamitsou, a graduate in physical education specializing in horse riding, also gave presentations to the 1st primary school pupils on equines and their care.

The presentations are designed to enhance children’s awareness of animal welfare issues as well as their compassion for the cats, dogs, and equines living and working in their midst. The photos below show not only that the kids were attentive to Carol’s presentation but also had fun!

Carol says, “One of the games I played with the pupils at the frontisterio was a word memory game. One little girl, Evi, who had been present at the frontisterio on the Monday afternoon, was in one of the classes at the primary school the following day. She came up to me at the primary school and rhymed ‘A dog needs love, food, water, vet, bed, blanket, shade from the sun, a good owner, friends, toys, walks, bed, brush, a house, a collar, and a lead,’ which we think is proof that the children not only enjoyed their ‘animal welfare lessons’ but actually learned and remembered important points, which can only benefit the animals on Hydra.”

The Hydra Language School wrote, “Thank you, HydraArk, for a wonderful presentation. The kids really enjoyed it and learned a lot!”

Eleni Christodoulou, publisher of the local paper Foni tis Hydras, writes, “In our country, where there is a direct relationship and contact with animals, it is certainly necessary to inform students properly about their needs, animal rights, and appropriate behavior toward them. It is noteworthy that Hydra Ark, in caring for the animals of our island, continues its tireless efforts to foster an animal welfare culture. Many thumbs to Hydra Ark and the directors of the schools for their cooperation.”