Will TNR extinguish the cat population?

Cats1No! A responsible plan of neutering and spaying does not aim to eradicate the cat community, and this is certainly not Hydra Ark’s objective. Hydra is a cat-friendly island, and new kittens are welcome. Overpopulation, however, inexorably means death for the weakest and the spread of illness. TNR stops the breeding cycle of many cats and therefore improves their lives while preventing reproduction. Kittens born into a controlled population have a better chance of surviving into a healthy adulthood. Neutering will also cut down on the number of sick kittens suffering from the flu or blinded by Clamydia.

It is a fact that the mere killing of outdoor cats is never ending and futile. The colonies always end up reproducing to an unmanageable size, and where there is disease, the illness spreads and persists. TNR will never exterminate cat colonies. There will always be kittens, just fewer, in more manageable and attractive numbers.