October 2015 TNR

A huge thank you for the wonderful three day visit from vet Irini Resou and vet nurse Carol McBeth, for a very productive spay/neuter program. And to the Help Animals International for sponsoring this session. We are so grateful to all of you.

60 cats were spayed/neutered. 10 cats had dental care. 3 cats were treated for eyes infections. All cats had antiparasite treatments. These cats will be able to lead a life free from constant fighting and from producing endless litters of kittens, most of whom never make it because of disease and poor nutrition just because of their circumstances. This truly is the very best we can hope for in our mission to improve the situation with the feral cats on Hydra.


Thank you to all the volunteers who gave many hours to make the days successful.

Thank you to Municipality for offering space at the old school.

Thank you to all our donors and members who have supported us all these years.

If you wish to help us continue our projects, please consider making a donation though our website.

Thank you from all of us and especially the animals of Hydra.