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The annual HydraArk membership of €20 will greatly assist us in all our efforts. One hundred percent of the amount will go to Hydra’s animals. As a member, you will also receive our annual e-mail news­letter describing what we have accomplished over the previous calendar year and what we plan for the upcoming months.

*Please note that, as you will be setting up an annual payment, this option requires you to have/set up a PayPal account (which you can do after clicking the “Subscribe” button) and to use a credit card. For another option, please use the “Donate” button to the right.

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PayPal provides the easiest way to make a donation. Click on the button below and follow the instructions.

*This option allows you to use your bank account or credit card; you do not need to have a PayPal account.

You can also make a donation by bank transfer to HydraArk’s official account at the EuroBank.

Account Number:0026 0661 73 0200011552
Branch Number: 0661
IBAN:GR74 0260 6610 0007 3020 0011 552

Browse Our Wish List

Our Amazon Wish List includes special items that we need or would love to have. Some we can’t procure on Hydra; some we can’t afford; some involve regularly occurring expenses (food, medication) that we would love any amount of help with. If you would like to make a contribution and know exactly how it will be used, perhaps you’ll find the gift you want to make here.

Wish List


 Adopt or Foster

If you have room in your home, please consider adopting one of Hydra’s street animals. HydraArk will do what we can to facilitate any international adoptions. For information about international pet adoptions, please visit the Nine Lives FAQ page.

Perhaps you would like to help with finding our street cats forever homes but cannot commit to providing one yourself. If so, please consider fostering one of our animals until we can find a permanent home.


Certain aspects of caring for animals are particularly dear to each animal lover’s heart. Perhaps one of these projects will match your interests, or perhaps you’d like to propose how your donation will be used.

  • Sponsor the accommodation and/or meals for visiting vets during TNR sessions or welfare visits
  • Accompany an animal headed for its forever home abroad on a commercial flight


Anyone involved in animal rescue knows there are never enough hands for the work. If you will be on Hydra during one our scheduled TNR sessions, please consider joining us for a morning or afternoon (or more!), assisting either in the clinic or with catching cats. Your help would be invaluable to us. Read more to learn what volunteering entails.