February TNR, 2015

HydraArk held a TNR session over the weekend of February 6-7-8 at the Paleo Gymnasio in Hydra Town. For the first time, we were able to go to Mandraki and collect cats there; this has been a goal for quite a while now, and we are pleased to be getting started on that area. We also took cats from super-high-high-high Kamini.

TNR3Due to weather, the vets were delayed in arriving on Friday, so we lost half a day. Still, over the weekend, we managed to spay/neuter 70 cats, as well as to treat five for dental problems, one for a wound in its neck, one with infected paw pads, and three others for other ailments. All cats were treated with deworming and Stronghold antiparasite medicine at HydraArk’s expense.

Also, one kitten from Mandraki was adopted, as was a little white kitten from the high Kamini area.

All in all, it was a very successful weekend! Thank you to Carol McBeth and Irini Resou for their heroic efforts to get to Hydra despite the uncooperative weather. And thank you to all our volunteers for their tireless work: Argiris, Maria, Popi, Rhapsody, Eleonora, Christina, Jennifer, and Nici.