Who hasn’t fallen in love with a kitten and said, “I wish I could and take you home”. This summer, four lucky kittens found new homes with very special friends.

When we are able, HydraArk would like to help make this process a little easier. We would like to share the following information regarding the procedures that must be followed to prepare a kitten for travel.

1. First you need to find out where the kitten lives. If the kitten lives outside you need to know the hours he is fed, in order to be sure to find it before you leave the island of Hydra. If the kitten can be in a protected room just one day before departure, things are even better.adapt a cat

2. You will need to take the kitten to a vet to prepare it for travel. This means: microchip, vaccine against rabies, vaccine against common cat viruses, anti parasite spot-on for fleas, and anti parasite pill for worms, and check-up. The vet must also prepare the pet-passport with the micron chip label, the vaccines’ proof labels and stamps about anti-parasites and vet-control.

3. You will need to buy a pet travel bag for the kitten to feel safe and comfortable. You can use it together with a diaper and an old towel (or newspapers) just to be sure in case of a “toilet accident”. The towel or diaper can be easily removed if necessary during the trip.

4. You will need to check with the flying dolphin company to make certain it is ok to take the pet with you. You also need to arrange ahead of time your transport in Athens (pets with pet-carriers are usually accepted in the bus for the airport, in the metro and in the taxis —it depends on the taxi driver, as some drivers want to put them in the back with the luggage…).

5. If you plan to stay in a hotel in Hydra or Athens you will need to call ahead and make certain they accept pets.

6. It is necessary to telephone the airline and make an extra pet-reservation on your flight and make sure that there is space in the aircraft to take it with you. Most European airlines accept one pet in the aircraft cabin and have special space in the aircraft hold with oxygen and correct temperature for pets. The reservation for the pet can be made either in cabin or in the hold according to the availability. There is an extra cost that varies for each airline starting from 50 euro per pet. Many low-cost airlines (like Easy Jet) do not allow pets at all in their aircrafts due to lack of appropriate conditions.

We will be happy to provide you info for a pet taxi and a vet in Athens (if you have at least one working day before your flight).

We are always thankful for helping Hydra’s kittens and cats in any way you can, as your support help us to save more strays’ lifes and to control their population!