2015 Animal Action Equine Visit

Since 2008, every year the animal welfare association HydraArk, in collaboration with the Hydra Municipality and the Greek Animal Welfare Fund (Animal Action), has invited owners to participate in Animal Action’s Equine Care Program, which brings a vet and ferrier to the to offer free veterinary medicine, dentistry, and ferrier care for donkeys, mules, and working horses.


This year HydraArk would like to invite all owners of equines to bring their animals on October 17, 18 & 19, 2015, at Γεφύρια (Geofiria).

The program targets working animals (donkeys, working horses, and mules). On these visits these animals, many in great need, receive free veterinary care, as well as dental and hoof care. Owners receive information and training.

All donkeys, working horses, and mules will be examined for nutritional status and internal parasites; any wounds will be treated, teeth will be filed to facilitate eating, hooves will be filed to improve gait, ectoparasiticides will be administered for flies, etc.


Also, HydraArk invites the island’s primary and secondary school students to come watch the work of the farrier and vet. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about this category of animals and about the vetrinarian and ferrier professions.

In addition, Animal Action strives to instill caring for animals in the minds of children and aims to create a new generation of animal lovers who respect all life.

Teachers are invited to communicate directly with the veterinarian Cleopatra Triantafyllou (6937145695) to arrange educational programs.



HydraArk thanks Animal Action and its team and the Hydra Municipality for their cooperation.